1st April, 2023

Leora & Rob got hitched!

Dripping Springs, Texas


Add your snaps to the album!

We're expecting the final professional photos any day, so look out for those.

Check out the album so far below, and make sure to add your own to the mix. The best way to do that, is to download Google Photos on your phone. Open the link on your phone and upload from there.

If that doesn't work for you, you can drop them in this folder, and Rob will add them to the album for you.


Gettin' organised.

Or 'organized' if you're from the US. Either way, the dates are set - so time to get planning. Ask us if you need anything.

You can start booking your flights - and that road-trip you've always needed an excuse for? You now have that excuse!

Dates & Times


We'll be at the ranch setting up. You're welcome to join, but it's a great time to see what Austin has to offer!


Hang out at the ranch. Meet everybody, then head out for some dinner and drinks in the evening.


Wedding day! Exact times to follow, but we'll start at around 1pm.


Probably a slow morning. Then games and grub - Texas BBQ.


We have to give the venue back mid-morning. Time to hit the road, or head home.

I have questions.

What will this cost?

Blunt, but important. It's our intention to cover as much as we can for you while we're all there. So the main cost is your flight. If you're coming from the UK, British Airways has a direct flight into Austin.

What's the accommodation situation?

The Creek Haus sleeps 70-80 people - the majority of the rooms are in sharing configurations. You're very welcome to stay on-site with us - we'll be making sure there's plenty of fun and games to keep us all busy. Once we've got final numbers, we can then sort out the full arrangement. Equally, if you'd prefer to stay offsite, there are lots of nice cabins and hotels close to the venue. We've put a quick list together below.

Timings and dates?

We've got the ranch from Thursday afternoon (30th March) to the Monday mid-morning - about 11am on the 3rd April. We'll be around there before and after, so if you've got a flight that comes in or leaves at a slightly different time, we're there to help.

The actual wedding will be on Saturday April 1st. Yes, April Fool's Day.

What's happening on the other days?

Since we've got the run of the ranch for the whole weekend, we'll be making sure there's plenty of stuff to do. Think grilling, garden games and getting to know people. So we'd love to have you around. We understand that Austin's a big place, and we won't be locking you in - so if you want to head out for the day, you're very welcome.


It's very early to be talking about this kind of stuff, but worth mentioning straight away. Having you with us on a ranch in Texas is more than enough, so absolutely no gifts necessary at all.


The Creek Haus

30 mins drive outside one of our favourite places in the world, is the lovely Creek Haus. A ranch-style wedding venue designed to host a multi-day shindig.

We'll give you all the info you need in the coming months, but feel free to have a gander for yourselves.


4015 McGregor Ln, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

If you'd like to stay offsite.

As we mentioned, there's hopefully enough space for everyone to stay onsite. But if you'd prefer to, there are plenty of lovely places for all budgets nice and close to the venue.

(20 minutes away) very nice & behind the Hill Country Galleria so, there's lots to do as well as a spa in the hotel and several very close salons in the area for the ladies.

(15 minutes away) This hotel is located in Downtown Dripping Springs.  It's new, nice and the venue says guests often stay here.